Yoga 1:1

Yoga 1:1

Our Yoga teachers will work with you to understand your health concern in order to address it through a specific treatment plan of Yoga practice or we will recommend therapeutic Yoga complex as part of your Ayurvedic Health Consultation. We have created a special Yoga complex in consideration of your Ayurvedic constitution.

Yoga 1:1 is a customised to your individual Yoga needs. You can book your session directly or you can choose to schedule an Ayurvedic assessment prior to the session so we can create a complete Yoga and Ayurveda customised Lifestyle treatment plan for you.

At the start of the session Yoga practitioner will establish your individual needs and work through a range of Yoga asanas to help you to achieve a maximum results to alleviate certain mind and body restrictions.

Personalised Yoga 1:1, 90 minutes, £127 .00

Energy Yoga session is designed with You in mind to increase energy levels in the body & mind and to diminish sluggishness. This entirely unique session will start with powerful purifying breathing techniques and will follow on with body channel opening asanas and a set of particularly energising & strengthening Yoga postures. You will wind down with purifying breath work exercise and grounding relaxation postures.

Energy Yoga 1:1, 90 minutes, £127.00

At some point of life we all experience explosion of emotions which lead to a physiological increase of the body core temperature. In Ayurveda this associates with Pitta Dosha. Its primordial elements are Fire + Water. Soothe Yoga session is designed for you to learn and experience how to pacify and control irritability, anger and physiological heat in the body and mind. This session will start with soothing breath work and lead the body through the Yoga asanas, mudras that work with the body systems to pacify those hot headed blasts.

Soothe Yoga 1:1, 90 minutes, £127.00

If You are the person who’s mind is an airport of never stopping thoughts, then You can be certain that this session is for you. Relax Yoga session is designed for you to learn how to ground and stop the excessive activity of the mind affecting your sleep and rest. This session will start with harmonising breath work and will lead to opening Yoga postures to open the entire body channels for the energy to flow, washing away restrictions of your own body. It will then immerse you in the deepest body and mind relaxation. The session will end with a deeply calming breath work and tranquil mantra chants.

Relax Yoga 1:1, 90 minutes, £127.00

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