What is Ayurveda

What Is Ayurveda

“Ayurveda is a path of life to understand and connect your own unconscious ‘you’ with your conscious ‘you’, environment you live in and interfere to the betterment of the actions you perform on a daily basis to maintain the equilibrium of your own health.”

Zane Zalite,

Founder of Shakti Veda – Ayurvedic Wellness Centre


what is ayurveda

Originally composed of two words – ‘Ayur’ (life) and – ‘veda’ (knowledge or science) meaning Science of Life, or ‘Science of Long Happy Life’ speaks the wisdom for itself. This sacred knowledge of Ayurveda was passed onto the human civilisation more than 10,000 years ago in the oral form which later was recorded in the form of ancient Sanskrit scripts which are called Vedas. Ayurveda is a one of the Vedas of Atharva Veda from ancient sacred scripts. It is the first and it makes it the oldest medical system originally given to the human kind. It continues providing the most content knowledge of healthy lifestyle and health maintenance rather than cure, even nowadays.

It mainly uses plant based medicines in single or compound forms. This effective Life-time-tested science, was banned between 1835 – 1947 under British rule, but it has survived centuries and continues proving its efficacy in all countries, despite the ethnic origins, religion or belief, across the whole planet Earth. Ayurveda is currently in its Golden age and it is flourishing throughout the Globe and has become very recognised by the mainstream.


Ayurveda, just like our life represents ever unfolding Lotus, and you can surely say that every petal which is unfolding for a full bloom brings a massive immersion and every next petal just re-assures that there is more deeper layers to this knowledge of Ayurveda. Therefore you can live Ayurvedic Lifestyle at the level which you are fully aware of and connected to. When the certain time has passed at certain practice, it will show the way to evolve and go deeper, to the next level of unfolding petal.


Every day we are constantly planning our next days routine. Our routines have been taught to us by our closest family members at young age and we have evolved certain stereotype of a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ routines. Ayurveda provides us with a wisdom to be able to differentiate a good or bad routine in the most precise way, simply because it is based on the individual constitution and its relation to the specific environment, which creates a constant response reflecting on our body’s and mind physiology. This wisdom which Ayurveda brings to us is this ability to deeply understand Your own blue print of the body and mind. It is like knowing the recipe for the food you are making, you can not go wrong if you know what you are doing. By knowing the body’s constitution we are able to constantly adjust the body through different body routines to keep the body’s equilibrium of the health, which leads to the long, healthy and happy life, illness and sorrow free. Ayurvedic routines or body care and cooking are so unique, that with a day-to-day-practice you soon enter into the ritual of your own evolving life. This is where you get transformed and your body blooms.

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