Widely known for it’s truly holistic approach to wellness, Ayurveda ancient wisdom offers solutions to modern problems concerning general health and mental wellbeing, detox, relaxation and stress.

What isn’t so well known is that Ayurveda has been treating the individual for centuries, recognising far longer than western medicine has, that the same imbalance can not be treated the same way for all people.

To give you the most effective solution to your lifestyle problem, we offer a number of consultations to help you understand your imbalance. To understand what your body needs and your mind craves for maximum energy and balance with your world.

Your consultation will allow you to make more healthy choices in your own life based on your specific dosha, we’ll help you understand your body and what’s best for it.

We can use this information to better tailor our treatments to exactly meet your needs and if you wish to join us for one of our Wellness Days you will be sure to get the maximum benefit from your experience.

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