Ayurvedic Signature Rituals

Ayurvedic Signature Rituals

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, our Signature Spa Rituals combine a blend of holistic therapies and massage techniques that will deliver you the quickest solution to the stresses of your busy life.

Designed to heal, restore or energise depending on your body needs, each spa ritual lasts two and a half hours, which is the perfect time to deliver powerful, transformative results in the most efficient and relaxing way.

Our rituals also offer the perfect introduction to the ancient healing power of Ayurveda and make an ideal gift for anyone with a busy life affecting their body or mind.

Relax signature ritual

Our ‘Relax’ Spa Ritual will unwind your mind and calm even the most stressed nervous system.

This powerful two and a half hour healing experience combines destress breathing techniques to create a relaxed state and then a full body massage to fully relax the body once the mind is quiet.

Accupressure points are stimulated during the massage to unblock your bodies natural flows of energy and to leave you feeling totally relaxed and completely at peace.

If you are holding any tension in your muscles or suffering with ongoing stress in your life or any persistent aches or pains, then this is the ideal ritual for you.

Relax Spa Ritual – 2 hours 30 minutes – £237


Our ‘Restore’ Spa Ritual will clear unwanted, negative emotions from your mind and body.

This experience commences with a guided ancient breathing technique to cool the mind and emotions. Followed by a warm oil body massage focussing on the body’s energy centres to purge negative emotion from the body and muscles.

To further soothe the mind, a forehead oil flow treatment, Shirodhara, will refresh the head and mind to banish those unpleasant emotions for good.

This is an ideal treatment for anyone suffering a build up of excessive emotions such as anger, frustration and even benefits those suffering with depression or bi-polar disorder.

Restore Spa Ritual – 2 hours 30 minutes – £237


Our ‘Revitalise’ Spa Ritual will lift the spirit and revive your natural, vital energy levels.

Ancient guided breathing techniques are used to unblock your energy channels which can become so easily congested by the fast pace of modern life.

A full body massage followed by exfoliation will awaken the skin followed by an Ayurvedic herbal steam bath to further energise the body and soul, activate your metabolism and remove toxins.

If you’ve noticed yourself feeling more tired, lethargic prone to weight gain or that feeling you are coming down with something, then this ritual is the perfect remedy.

Revitalise Spa Ritual – 2 hours 30 minutes – £237

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