Mental health Practitioner & Ayurveda

Matthew is Mental Health Practitioner, creator of Ayurveda for Mind programmes in the United Kingdom. He is Director of Manasa Ayurveda Ltd. and a Manasa Ayurveda Therapist. He is qualified in Ayurvedic therapies for mind and Mental Health. He integrates detailed Ayurvedic and Western Mental Health Assessment and provides treatment programmes to improve Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Matthew was impressed by encounters with Ayurveda in Sri Lanka in the 1990’s and experienced benefits of aspects of Buddhist practice in his own recovery from a mental health problems. He then embarked on a course of Buddhist studies and discovered authentic treatment approach for Mental Health in a temple in Sri Lanka.

He first began to learn about Ayurveda in 1998 in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. He is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Therapist and maintains regular contact with colleagues in Sri Lanka at the Manasa Ayurveda Hospital and the Nagananda Buddhist Ayurvedic (Teaching) Hospital.  He has more than a decade’s experience in Buddhist meditation and his work on Buddhism, mindfulness and mental health has been peer reviewed and published internationally. Matt has full personal indemnity insurance as a member of the FHT and is also registered as a Mental Health professional (RMN) in the UK.

Matthew is now working towards spreading a word about this amazing Ayurvedic Mental Health science in the UK and seeing his patients  exclusively at Shakti Veda – Ayurvedic Wellness Centre. To schedule your Ayurveda For Mind consultation and treatment plan please click here to be transferred to the booking page.

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