Musical Therapy & Sound Therapy

Ilona is qualified classical Pianist, Music and Sound therapist, working with her clients integrating the best of all in her practice since 2018 in London. She uses Tibetan Singing Bowls to recover her clients from a chronic or acute stress related issues. She advises her clients about the findings of the Sound Therapy and helps them to find causes to their struggles. She specialises working with people with stress. Related conditions but also treats anyone who requires a deep and profound relaxation to regain stability in their body and mind.

Ilona’s education stems from classical music school, but when she stepped into her Spiritual path of Vedic sciences, fifteen years ago, and met her Guru – Shiva Vaakya Siddha Baba in her home town Riga, Latvia, it is then when she discovered sacred science of the Singing Bowls. She got addicted to the Singing Bowl sound which was rang at the end of the Yoga session inducing the most profound relaxation. It inspired her to embark on further education in Music Therapy and she graduated as a Music Therapist from the Institute of Practical Psychology “IMATON”, established by the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2016.

In 2018 during her spiritual journey which led her to walk a Kora around the sacred mountain of Kailash in Tibet, she met ancient masters of Tibetan Singing Bowls. This meeting was more than inspiration which lead her to go deeper in this sacred science and she dedicated more time to study ancient singing bowls in detail. Ilona was taught by Viktor Ogui in Latvia and she graduated as Vibro-Acoustic massage Therapist using ancient Singing bowls in 2019. She further studied with Master Evgeny Lama in St. Petersburg, Russia. She now runs individual Sound Healing sessions exclusively at Shakti Veda – Ayurvedic Wellness Centre. 

Come and meet Ilona, she will take care of your most profound, meditative Relaxation whilst the sound takes you to the highest cloud possible whilst tuning into the Sound of Singing Bowls. Click here to schedule 1:1 Singing Bowl Healing session with Ilona.

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