By giving a Gift we give a Good Karma to other person. It can change yours as well as other person’s life. Our Good Karma Card of Ayurvedic wellness will bring a Good Karma to one’s Health and Wellbeing. It suits every life occasion and almost every age. We have selected the most unique treatments Ayurveda has on offer. Choose the investment of Good Karma you want to Gift to your loved ones. 

This amazing Good Karma Card enables your friend to select a treatment ranging from back massage, Indian Head massage, Soothing Foot experience or the one with Bronze bowl, in Ayurveda its called Kansa Vatki. 

Good Karma Card,  45 minutes, £69.00

With ‘Mid Week Pick Me up’ You can help Your loved one/s to overcome some life struggles. They will be able to choose from range of Ayurvedic Facials or Full Body Ayurvedic massage. It deeply relaxes and rejuvenates the body, boosts immunity and washes away all the worries and grief. 

Good Karma Card, 60 minutes, £79.00

Our ‘Relax’ Spa Ritual will unwind your mind and calm even the most stressed nervous system. 

This powerful two and a half hour healing experience combines guided destress breathing techniques to create a relaxed state and then a full body massage to fully relax the body once the mind is quiet. 

Acupressure points are stimulated during the massage to unblock your bodies natural flows of energy and to leave you feeling totally relaxed and completely at peace. To further soothe the mind, a soothing and uplifting foot massage with Kansa Vatki – a special Bronze Bowl, will heal the scars of the soul for good. 

If you are holding any tension in your muscles or suffering with ongoing stress in your life or any persistent aches or pains, then this is the ideal ritual for you. 

Good Karma Card, 2 hours 30 minutes, £237.00 

When the mind and body is stuck and everything feels like it is going nowhere, it indicates that body’s energy have been locked and can not move. It will retain toxins, water and will feel tired. It’s time to unlock it. This authentic treatment focuses on 107 acupressure points with firm pressure and slow strokes to connect from one to another. The body will feel renewed and thriving. 

Good Karma Card 1 hour and 30 minutes | 159.00 

The combination of specialised full body massage followed by herbal steam bathing is a unique Ayurvedic treatment which works as a catalyst for an intense cleansing of the gut making this the perfect addition to help kick start or revive any detox program. 

In addition to the detox benefits our Power Detox helps to greatly reduce physical and mental stress levels and provides a remedy for any joint related pain and stiffness throughout the body. It is a treatment of the choice for degenerative musculoskeletal conditions in Ayurveda.

Good Karma Card 1 hour 15 minutes,  £159.00 

Kansa Wand is Ayurveda’s best kept healing and beauty secret of forever young looking skin and radiant beauty. Nourishing plant based Ayurvedic oils are used throughout this treatment on décolletage, neck and face areas. This unique massage incorporates Ayurvedic facelift, acupressure (marma), third eye (chakra) massage and face massage with a bronze metal bowl. Not only this treatment feels amazing and rejuvenates the skin, but it heals the skin by drawing out impurities. 

Modern research shows that this special alloy of a bronze has high conductivity and has a special affinity towards the piezoelectricity that runs in the collagen layer and fascia. As the body’s natural currents are used, many of side effects of such machinery as galvanic stem for pain or low current stem for face lifting are avoided while creating the same or similar beneficial results.

Kansa pacify’s Pitta and Kapha Dosha’s, hence having a positive impact on lymph stasis, improving circulation, reducing puffiness of the skin, reducing inflammation and toning the skin. It is recommended to hydrate well before and after the treatment. 

Good Karma Card, 1 hour 15 minutes | £129.00 

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