The term ‘detox’ has become over used in society these days. It can be anything from simply not drinking alcohol for a few weeks right through to a months retreat to a temple in India.

In Ayurveda a Detox is a purification process with very specific proven remedies to all manner of health problems without the need for invasive medical intervention or simply to keep mind and body in balance.

Ayurveda treats the individual based on the very specific needs of your body type and constitution. One size doesn’t fit all and that is what our Detox plans are all about.

Ayurvedic Purification Detox is a specifically prescribed diet and series of treatments to reach your optimum level of health in the shortest period of the time.

Digestion, assimilation and elimination are most important factors addressed in this process in order to bring the body back form dis-ease to health. It creates the perfect state for a balanced digestive system to build up the immunity and sustain the health of the whole body.

Before commencing this procedure a thorough assessment is carried out in order to identify the appropriate root of the purification procedures. The treatments carried out depend on each case individually, but up to five or more different treatment modalities can be used daily.

These range from full body massages and steam bathing, hot poultice treatments, colonics, local paste applications, purgation and other upper body purification procedures.

All preparations are custom made by hand, fresh from organic products, herbs and oils.

A short weekend Detox can help to recover recent digestive issues with an aim to continue restoring the process at home over time.

Ayurvedic Detox | Pancha Karma – 3 days £895.00 | 7 days – £1850.00 | 14 Days – £3550.00

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