Head, Neck & Shoulders

Head, Neck & Shoulders

Ayurveda pays special attention to the nourishment of the head, neck and decolletage areas of the upper body. While the body and mind are important as a whole, this area sometimes deserves very specialised attention.

The REAL Indian Head Massage

THE authentic traditional Ayurvedic head massage used for centuries in India to release muscular tension in the shoulders.

At Shakti Veda Spa we use hand made Ayurvedic oils that not only relax the mind, but nourish the scalp even helping to promote hair growth.

Incorporating a deeply relaxing marma point face massage further enhances this transcendent experience to re- establish normal energy flow in the body and can be the most powerful remedy for headaches, body pain, stress and tension.

The REAL Indian Head Massage – 45 minutes – £69.00

Head & Face Massage with Forehead Oil Flow

This profound relaxation therapy is the most efficient Ayurvedic practice to induce the deepest relaxation of the whole body and mind.

Starting with indian head, neck and shoulder massage and further enhanced with a face acupressure massage or ‘Mukhabhyanga’, your key acupressure points are massaged to help let go of all tensions and blocked emotions and working deeper to restore balance to bodily systems.

Finally the traditional Shirodhara, or forehead oil flow therapy, provides a hypnotic release to treat todays busy life problems such as insomnia, high blood pressure, headaches and tension, depression, pain and anxiety and of course all manner of stress.

Head & Face Massage with Forehead Oil Flow – 1 hour 15 minutes – £129.99

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