Ayurvedic Back massage

Ayurvedic Back Treatments

A snake like looking vertebral column forms a case for the spinal cord. This unique structure provides basis for our body. It carries through all our peripheral nervous system and connects the upper and lower parts of the body.

With either excessive or insufficient movement of the body it may lead to either pain or stiffness or both in lower back followed to the mid back, shoulders and neck.

The bone structure, joints and nerves are treated as homologous structure in Ayurveda. It means that the joints in the spine are prone to development of the stiffness which can lead to the pain or vice versa. The best treatment for that is massage with warm medicated oil and on some occasions requires additional heat injection by local steam or hot herbal bag massage when the pain or stiffness is chronic. The biggest attention is given to a warm medicated oil which soothes aches and pains, leaving the skin smooth and soft as a bonus. You can start by simply trying out our Ayurvedic back massage which is carried out with our Devine hand made, organic plant based oils.

Ayurvedic back massage

Originally used to soothe the aches and pains of soldiers for thousands of years, the Ayurvedic back massage reduces accumulated muscular pain and tightness in the neck, spine and shoulders leaving you feeling ultimately relieved and renewed.

Ayurvedic back massage – 45 minutes – £69.00

Ayurvedic back massage with local steam

If you are suffering with specific neck or back pain and stiffness we highly recommend adding localised steam therapy (Naadi-Sveda) to our Ayurvedic Back Massage. Deepening the work of the massage itself right in to the joints alleviating stiffness and helping to prevent degeneration.

Ayurvedic back massage with local steam – 60 minutes – £89.00

Ayurvedic back massage with hot poultice

If you are suffering from chronic tightness or very stiff muscles you can further enhance this ancient therapeutic massage with the addition of herb filled poultice bags to intensify the pain relief while also nourishing the skin.

Ayurvedic back massage with hot poultice – 60 minutes – £89.00

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