Ayurvedic Foot Treatments

Ayurvedic Foot Treatments

The feet are some of the hardest working parts of the body and often the most easily overlooked. Our feet not only hold up our bodies, but they contain the largest concentration of energy channels linked to and able to influence our bodies as a whole.

Foot Acupressure MASSAGE

Ayurvedas precursor to reflexology. Focusing on the feet, the largest concentration of marma points connected to all organs and bodily systems, this treatment enhances circulation and boosts energy levels.

By stimulating these marma points the entire body can be rejuvenated using specific oils that will penetrate deeply in to the skin, nourishing it and also soothing the mind and restoring balance to organ functions.

Foot Acupressure Massage – 30 minutes – £49.00

Soothing Foot Experience

Indulge yourself with this soothing treatment to give your tired legs and feet a sublime treat.

Commencing with a herbal foot spa infusion followed by a cleansing and brushing ritual, then a calf, ankle and foot massage will soothe away all remaining tensions from the legs and feet while restoring balance to your mind and body.

Soothing Foot Experience – 45 minutes – £69.00

Kansa Vatki | Ayurvedic foot massage with bronze bowl 

Kansa Vatki foot massage starts with a soothing foot massage with an emphasis on the foot and calf acupressure points (marma) and chakra centres through the feet. It then follows with a ritual of a series of different strokes with a bronze bowl on the calf and feet. This powerful treatment treats the soul and soothes the heart through this magical foot work. It helps to detoxify the body, reduce the inflammation, helps to release the heat and inflammation from the body, improves the blood and lymph flow, reduces eyestrain and reliefs tired feet.

Kansa Vatki | Ayurvedic foot massage with bronze bowl – 45 minutes – £69.00

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