Ayurvedic Facials

Ayurvedic Facials

At Shakti Veda Spa our facial treatments offer far more than you’d expect.

Naturally designed to leave your skin with a healthy glow, they’ll also unlock tension and release stress held in the facial muscles. Massaging vital acupressure points help to balance other areas of your body such as your hormonal system, organs and relieving blockages in the intestine and soothing the heart.

The glow of your skin comes from how the body feels on the inside, not simply what you put on the outside. When it comes to our facials, it’s not just about your face.

Personalised ayurvedic facial

Our signature facial treatment is actually 7 treatments in 1 and with it you receive our full and undivided attention for 90 minutes of sheer luxury.

Commencing with a personal consultation by your own expert Ayurvedic practitioner the entire treatment will be tailored to meet the needs of your skin and body type. Whether that be to nourish, soothe or cleanse.

Unique to Shakti Veda Spa, your practitioner will custom make your exfoliator, masque and creme to be used in your facial treatment from 100% organic base ingredients while you begin to relax in your own private treatment room.

Your skin will be hydrated with Ayurvedic hand made oils before being cleansed with your own individual custom made exfoliator before being nourished by the application of your custom made masque as your hands and arms are relaxingly massaged.

The experience is enhanced by a moisturising face, neck and décolletage massage to protect your skin following this deeply restorative treatment.

This is the most luxurious, customised facial you will experience and to achieve perfect balance for your ‘dosha’ skin type while living in a busy city like London we recommend this facial is experienced weekly over a five week period.

Personalised Ayurvedic Facial – 1 hour 30 minutes – £159.00

essential samaya facial

We’ve partnered Ayurvedic product house Samaya to create this Ayurvedic facial to maintain and balance your skin on a daily basis.

Pure Ayurvedic cleanser, exfoliator, oil and cream are used to boost your skin with precious organic herbal enzyme products helping to protect against the daily environmental stresses on your skin.

Our essential facial based on Ayurvedic principles ideally suited to combat dryness, redness and reduced circulation achieves the best result when performed on a regular basis.

Essential Samaya Facial – 50 minutes – £79.00

Drop dead gorgeous kansa wand anti-ageing facelift

Every woman dreams of being young forever, well we can’t help with that . . . but with anti-aging Kansa Wand Facial we can keep your skin looking forever young! Kansa Wand is Ayurveda’s best kept healing and beauty secret of forever young looking skin and radiant beauty. Nourishing plant based Ayurvedic oils are used throughout this treatment on décolletage, neck and face areas.

This unique massage incorporates Ayurvedic facelift, acupressure (marma), third eye (chakra) massage and face massage with a bronze metal bowl.

Not only this treatment feels amazing and rejuvenates the skin, but it heals the skin by drawing out impurities. Modern research shows that this special alloy of a bronze has high conductivity and has a special affinity towards the piezoelectricity that runs in the collagen layer and fascia. As the body’s natural currents are used, many of side effects of such machinery as galvanic stem for pain or low current stem for face lifting are avoided while creating the same beneficial results.

Kansa pacify’s all three doshas, but more Pitta and Kapha Dosha’s, hence having a positive impact on lymph stasis, improving circulation, reducing puffiness of the skin, reducing inflammation and toning the skin. It is recommended to hydrate well before and after the treatment.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Kansa Wand anti ageing facelift – 1 hour 15 minutes – £129.00

Tri-Dosha Ayurveda Hair & Face rejuvenating massage

Regular nourishment of the face, décolletage, neck and head is essential in daily Ayurvedic routines.

Shakti Veda Spa has partnered with TriDosha, a contemporary British Ayurvedic brand, to create this unique treatment. Essential skin and hair nourishing ingredients are packed in to TriDosha’s botanical oils to keep your skin looking young, protected and glowing for days.

Most recommended for those with dry skin and hair, this treatment may also help prevent hair loss when experienced regularly. To treat more specific issues you can schedule a consultation in advance to decide whether this is the best treatment for you.

Tri-Dosha Ayurveda Hair & Face rejuvenating massage – 45 minutes – £69.00

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