Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Consultation

Ashta Vida Pariksha

In Ayurveda, when your Dosha (or body function) has left its comfort zone and is out of balance it will manifest changes in your body and mind physiology.

If ignored for any length of time this can cause a disease, stress, weight gain, lethargy and any number of physical or mental issues. If this change is detected early enough Ayurveda can help with straightforward lifestyle changes, diet and herbal medication prescription to re- root the Dosha to its normal physiology preventing any further pathophysiology formation and preventing the need for more severe medical intervention.

You will be provided with a complete assessment of your mental, physical, behavioural, emotional and cognitive situation. Assessment will include traditional Ayurvedic as well as modern scientific evidenced-based methods to determine your:

  • digestive function | agnibala
  • Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis | naadi pariksha
  • your health history and any current medications
  • a discussion of your main health concerns and symptoms
  • the diagnosis of your original and current constitution | prakiti & vikruti
  • tongue diagnosis | jiva pariksha
  • a review of your objective and cardiovascular markers

Following this thorough assessment you will receive recommendations for your health and wellbeing in a detailed personal report. Your personal report will outline the findings of your consultation and assessment. Based on these findings, the second part of your report will give personal recommendations and provide access to a self-care resource pack and additional sources of support.

Recommendations of the treatment course will be drawn as a part of the assessment, but are not included in the consultation.

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Ayurvedic consultation and treatment plan, two sessions 75 minutes – £327.00

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