Ayurveda for THE Mind

Ayurveda For The Mind

Today mindfulness and other practices extracted from Buddhist traditions are packaged as popular ways to support our mental health and wellbeing.

Manasa Ayurveda means – Ayurveda for the Mind. It includes physical therapies, behaviour change through the lifestyle and methods for developing concentration and insight through a personally tailored approach to mindfulness and meditation training.

Ayurveda for the Mind uses detailed assessment with integrated Western and Eastern assessment tools. A treatment plan is drawn from the assessment plan with hands on treatment advise, lifestyle suggestions including exercise, diet, herbal medicine, meditation and so much more.

You will be provided with a complete assessment of your mental, physical, behavioural, emotional and cognitive situation. Assessment will include traditional Ayurvedic as well as modern scientific evidenced-based methods to determine your:

  • digestive function | agnibala
  • memory & mindful attention | smriti
  • body constitution & character type | prakruti & carita
  • personality assessment | triguna
  • the four divine abodes: positive human qualities | brahmaviharas
  • hydration & caffeine intake
  • alcohol, tobacco and substance use
  • physical activity & sleep
  • Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure (BP) and Total Cholesterol (TC)

Full assessment will consist of three stages – online self-questionnaires, a follow-up call with practitioner, face to face consultation, findings and recommendations. Following this thorough assessment you will receive recommendations for your mental health wellbeing in a detailed personal report and will have access to recommended self-care resources. Your personal report will outline the findings of your consultation and assessment. Based on these findings, the second part of your report will give personal recommendations and provide access to a self-care resource pack and additional sources of support. Recommendations of the treatment course will be drawn as a part of the assessment, but are not included in the consultation. To view different packages, please click here.

You can also choose to have an online consultation only, but recommendations will be limited to subjective measures such as prakruti and vikruti and recommendations will be restricted to self-care recommendations only.

Ayurveda for the mind, three sessions, each 60 minutes – £447.00

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