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Ayurvedic Practitioner and Physiotherapist

Zane is fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Physiotherapist, working with her clients integrating the best of both sciences since 2010 in London. She is founder of Shakti Veda – an Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in St. John’s Wood, London. Uniquely, Zane integrates her Physiotherapy manual skills and knowledge of the exercise science when working with her clients Health Plans. Zane is specialised in treating Low back Pain and arthritic conditions, metabolic, Women’s health  and stress related conditions, using Ayurvedic purification or  pacifying methods accordingly.

Originally from Baltic coast, Latvia, Riga she moved to London in 2005. After completing her Physiotherapy (UEL) and Ayurvedic Medicine degree in London (MDX), she embarked on three months clinical internship in South India, Karnataka, Belgaum, the oldest Ayurvedic Teaching and Research hospital and holds Diploma in Ayurvedic Detox (Pancha Karma).

Zane’s immersion into Vedic Sciences or Sanathana Dharma, started in early teens when she was constantly searching to understand a purpose of her life and she first read a book on Jnyaana Yoga at the age of fourteen. Being raised in the family of two allopathic doctors, her mother and her farther, it triggered Zane’s interest to more holistic healing systems. She was lucky to meet her Guru – Shiva Vaakya Siddha Baba in 1994 and ever since studied Vedic sciences in gurukula system at first Centre for Vedic Sciences in Baltic States – Shiva Centre, in Riga. She learned everything starting from Yoga, Dhyena (meditation), Mantra Shastra (mantra chants), Ayurvedic Nutrition and body treatments, Vaastu Shastra (Vedic Architecture and Design), Mukha Samudrika Shastra (face reading) to name a few. She further studied Western Herbalism with Anne McIntyre, a respected and experiences Western Medical Herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner. Zane has now embarked on her next challenge of learning Jyotisha – Vedic Astrology with her teacher, to complement to her Ayurvedic practice.

Zane is experienced practitioner specialising in treating musculoskeletal, metabolic, women’s heath and stress related conditions. Zane provides customised Ayurvedic Detox (pancha karma) programmes and holistic treatment plans integrating her clinical and practical experience to achieve a better health for her clients.

Zane’s work is vocation and she integrates the best from East & West sciences. She is a presenter and gives talks at shows such as Om Yoga Show,  Plant Powered Expo and is known in her local GP surgeries and Health Centres and is available to present internationally. Zane is proud to share a knowledge of Vedic Lifestyle to her growing audience to the betterment of their profound Health and Wellbeing.

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