Our Story

Our Story

“Venue oozes relaxation and embraces healing as you walk through the door”

Acknowledged by our customers as the leading London’s Ayurvedic Wellbeing Centre, Shakti Veda is Ayurveda paradise for Urban City life with a range of pure Ayurvedic treatments and Health promoting services as well as supplementing retail products from the Britain’s and Europe’s finest health and beauty suppliers to support Ayurvedic living.

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Our unique location in London is on the famous Abbey road for Beatles, which for many UK residents became an eye-opener for Sitar, Vedic sciences, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda in early 70’s. Having felt the invisible link of history between Beatles and Vedic sciences development in the UK, Zane decided to acquire its new premises on the Abbey road in November 2013. After capital investment in the venue opened its doors to their customers in March 2014.

Shakti Veda Spa

Venue oozes relaxation and embraces healing as you walk through the door. The Ayurvedic Wellbeing Centre comprises two floors. Ground floor has an Organic store selling Organic products for body care and taste buds. Lower ground floor comprises Day Spa of four treatment rooms, customer shower facilities and relaxing waiting area.

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Known as definite wellbeing destination for health, beauty and body treatments, ultimate de-stress packages, Ayurveda offers nutrition, lifestyle and health consultations to aid your health and wellbeing issue to be tackled inside-out and outside-in. Our unique 1:1 Yoga sessions are designed to address your particular health concern and energise throughout, so you can embrace your life easily. 

Shakti Veda Ayurvedic peaceful waiting room

We run Wellness Days which are hands on multiple day events in our Spa. It includes new product taster sessions, Ayurveda Speciality Speakers, body treatments, nutrition and Yoga sessions all on one to one basis. Ayurveda purification treatments are simple  Detox plans which are custom made with you in mind. They involve lifestyle, nutrition and hands on body treatments. Detox plans can be created almost for every body and mind issue with our specialist help.

Our international luxury Ayurveda purification retreats aim to restore the energy levels of the exhausted bodies. It is based on scientific medical framework to support and treat the body to achieve overall health.

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