Shakti Veda is a one-of-a-kind Ayurvedic Wellness Centre,
extending over two floors with an Ayurvedic Lifestyle shop and Day Spa under one roof.
Here you can escape the pressures of the City just by enjoying a single body or beauty treatment, or address your health concerns by opting for an Ayurvedic health consultation. You can also plan a one-to-one Yoga session or Ayurvedic Detox to reclaim your health. Our events bring together our local community to share the love and unify on our path.

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Widely known for it’s truly holistic approach to wellness, Ayurveda ancient wisdom offers solutions to modern problems concerning general health and mental wellbeing, detox, relaxation and stress.

Your consultation will allow you to make more healthy choices in your own life, based on your specific dosha, we’ll help you understand your body and what’s best for it.

We will use obtained information to create your Ayurvedic Health Plan to tailor our treatments to exactly meet your needs.

Body Treatments

At the core of Ayurveda is the balancing of the mind and body and the understanding that the two are deeply and inextricably linked.

All our body treatments naturally focus on the body, but also treat the mind, more often than not the source of any stress, tension or imbalance we experience.

We use a unique Ayurvedic recipe of 100% organic oils and herbs designed to rejuvenate the body by clearing stagnant energy and relieving all tension from your muscles.

body treatments
Ayurveda for the mind


If the physical trauma can be observed in the tissues by healing there is no visual impact observed that the mental trauma does not exist.

Our Physical illness starts at the mind level and very often is a consequence of our lifestyle, traumatic event which is hard to heal or congenital Mental Health Conditions.

Manasa Ayurveda is a speciality in Ayurveda which deals with treating mind through an integrated approaching using specific Ayurvedic treatments, Lifestyle, diet and exercise to help the mind to feel balanced.


Yoga 1:1 is a customised to your individual Yoga needs.

You can book your session directly or you can choose to schedule an Ayurvedic assessment prior to the session so we can create a complete Yoga and Ayurveda customised Yoga Exercise, Lifestyle, Nutrition and treatment plan for you.

At the start of the session Yoga practitioner will establish your individual needs and work through a range of Yoga asanas to help you to achieve a maximum results to alleviate certain mind and body restrictions.



The term ‘detox’ has become over used in society these days. It can be anything from simply not drinking alcohol for a few weeks right through to a months retreat to a temple in India.

In Ayurveda a Detox is a purification process with very specific proven remedies to all manner of health problems without the need for invasive medical intervention or simply to keep mind and body in balance.

Ayurveda treats the individual based on the very specific needs of your body type and constitution. One size doesn’t fit all and that is what our Detox plans are all about.

Hear from our clients

“I have suffered from chronic back pain for a number of years now. I have had plenty of hot stone massages, but nothing has eased the pain – specifically behind my right shoulder blade. After two sessions that bubble of pain is no longer there and that constant lower back ache and shoulder pain has gone! I can’t recommend therapists and the Shakti Veda enough.” Sam KayST. JOHN’S WOOD, LONDON

“A moment of calm and relaxation from the moment you walk in the door. The smells, the sounds, and the smile of welcome bode well for what is to happen for the next hour. After being showed to the room and asked if I had any problems I particularly wanted to focus on I was left to get undressed. I loved how comfortable the massage bed and the towels were. The massage was wonderful, the hot oils soothing my tired limbs, and the therapists skill seemed to know just when to press harder and when to ease off. It was great, I was in a state of grace for the rest of the day!” Lynne ConnollyBBC, LONDON

“After a recommendation from a friend I tried the Shakti Veda to treat a recurring sports injury which has blighted me for ages. I’m sceptical about new age treatments, but the first treatment has helped me get back to a point where I could train again.” MarkMAIDA VALE, LONDON

“I had such a great experience with Zane. Very professional and an incredibly experienced ayurvedic massage practitioner. She is knowledgeable, knows exactly the right amount of pressure and technique to apply and I genuinely feel like a new person after my visit. Also, the oils used are absolutely amazing and you can really tell that they are a special type. Aside from that the spa is absolutely lovely inside, Its very clean, its warm, its cosy and its exactly the place you want to go to when you feel like you need to reset and recharge. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of having an authentic ayurvedic massage. It’s10/10 from me!”Nick JayHAMMERSMITH, LONDON

I created a space where you not only can have a nice Ayurvedic body treatment, but where by stepping in you can forget about everything that holds you back, a space where you connect with yourself. I saw it as a sacred healing space. I integrated my knowledge not only of Vedic Architecture and Design, Vaastu Shastra and Mantra Shastra, but so much more, to create this sacred healing space. I hope you enjoy your visit at Shakti Veda – an Ayurvedic Wellness Centre. I want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to my teachers, genuine friends and supporters in this journey to enable me to do this.


Zane Zalite, Founder of Shakti Veda – Ayurvedic Wellness Centre

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